February 28, 2018 | Carla Bethell
The home inspection is an important time for you to gather information about the condition of the home you wish to purchase.  The amount of time you have to complete the inspection is defined in the offer to purchase.  It is important that you complete the inspection and any negotiations within that time period.  The time spent will vary based on the size of the home and the inspector.  Plan on spending  between 1 ½ -3 hours.  In Massachusetts, home inspectors are required to licensed by the state. There are standards and requirements they must follow.  
The inspector will assess the overall condition of the home and its major systems.  They will provide a  report that should include details on the roofing system, exterior and interior condition, structural components, plumbing, electrical, heating, systems and built in appliances. They will note any deficiencies and issues and suggest solutions.  However, they are prohibited from quoting repair or replacement costs. Many home inspectors will make recommendations for upkeep and maintenance on the major systems.
There are additional inspection that a buyer may choose to conduct, such as testing well water or performing a radon test.  These are usually available for an additional charge.
It is important to note, they can only assess what is visible and accessible.   While a home inspection is not a guarantee against any future issues in a home, it is an opportunity to uncover and understand issues prior to purchasing a home.  
If the home inspection reveals major concerns or safety issues, there is an opportunity to negotiate a solution with seller, within your inspection contingency period, as defined in your offer to purchase.
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