Barbara Convery - Realtor

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After over 33 years in the restaurant business, I decided to start a new career in real estate. In my 15 years as an executive-level manager for a national restaurant chain. I gained valuable skills while overcoming many challenges along the way. Whether it was finding the right people, selecting a new product or vendor, or implementing a new system to execute, I found a solution. I was always able to navigate through issues successfully with the help of my team. I spent many years as part of the company's training team guiding the leaders and coaches to their own successes and challenges and helping to develop team members at all levels.

I have joined Arrive Home Realty for several reasons, first and foremost is that I have known Rob for over 30 years now. We started in the hospitality business together as teenagers at a place that we will always hold dear in our hearts. l met Carla shortly after Rob convinced her to give him a chance. Just kidding! I have learned a lot about her in her years with Rob and know that she is perfect for him. They are a great team, in marriage and in business. Their honor and integrity is second to none and they do everything that is within their power to make sure every client walks away completely satisfied. I admire them even more now that I have been exposed to this aspect of their lives and look forward to helping them grow their business into Western Mass.